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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

William Wins the Race

By Sangita Southgate
William the rather dapper chestnut horse, once loved to sprint through the fields of Kent. He would jump over ridiculously high objects including tractors and even small buildings. One day he was sprinting speedily like the speedy horse that he is, when he looked up and spotted the sea in the far off distance. 

He headed briskly towards his new target, eventually reaching the beach at a little seaside town called Whitstable. He stood at the peak of a grassy slope looking down at three strips of beach huts, which separated him from the shingle shore.

William would have to jump over these huts as he had eaten far too many ‘beef’ burgers and pies recently and could not manoeuvre between them. He jumped with all of his might.

Unfortunately he didn’t quite clear all of the huts and he landed right on top of one. William broke his leg and he thought he would never jump again. He was right.

As William could no longer run and jump, he decided he would sail boats instead. He had heard of Sea Horses before and he thought he could be one too. 

William is now an excellent sailor. He sails a speedy 155 Horsepower boat, wearing a set of trendy ‘Steedo’ armbands... he is for sure the speediest horse about town. Above is an image of William winning the World Open Water Race. Go William!! 

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